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Dear Friend,

              You probably know that Forex is always unpredictable in its directions. You may be Tired of trying numerous strategies to get profit but all could have ended in loss. Dont worry ! Its made easy for you !

             Just follow my tutorial on how to setup your copy Trading accounts which will get trades directly from my MQL5 signals account ! All of the Trading Signals got the potential to grow 20-30% per month. I have no fixed target every month to achieve. But you will never be under- benefited for the Fees you pay for the services ! You will always be given more than what you pay for !

    3 Essential requirements :

                 1. A Forex Trading Account

                 2. An Account

                 3. A VPS Account [ Can be obtained for FREE if you follow my instruction ]

Follow the Steps to Subscribe to my signals priced between

20$ to 25$

  • 1. Open an Forex Trading Account .
  • 2. Open an account at and verify it !
  • 3. Get VPS service [ If you opened account through above link and             deposited 500$, you will get Lifetime VPS for FREE]
  • 4. Subscribe to any one of My signals listed below !

The detailed explanation for every step is provided here : Setup Auto Income Machine


Ensure that, your Mql5 account and forex Trading account and My Trading Signals are properly synchronized and configured.

All of these signals are top performing ! Some signals may have heavy drawdown. The reasons for such DD are well explained in the signal description.

Virtual Private Server [ VPS ] is very important to set up the Forex Income Machine. You cannot run your computer 24x7. Hence it is imperative to hire VPS service ! There are many forex brokers offers FREE VPS to host automated trading setup. But they terminate the VPS without any prior notice which will cause you heavy loss.

           Here, I am going to introduce a broker who offers VPS for life time, if you satisfy only one time basic requirement. Kindly follow the below steps carefully to get your FREE VPS.

Just follow as instructed below..

  • Open your Forex Account with [ Click here to Know the Broker ]
  • Sign up with the above mentioned Link and completely verify the account with necessary identity documents
  • After verifiying your account, Open two trading accounts. This is the trick for satisfyng the minimum requirement by the company
  • As this company requires a total transaction of minimum 500$ for FREE VPS, we will meet this requirement with even  100$.
  • Deposit 100$ into anyone of the trading accounts and make internal transfer between the other trading account so that, for a single account, your total transaction exceeds 500$. Now you met the minimum transaction requirement of 500$. Now you are eligible for getting Free VPS
  • Make sure that you have a minimum of 200$ in your trading account to request VPS. Contact the support people , mention your account No. and request for FREE VPS. Within 5 working days, your VPS will be Ready !

                              You can see that this is a total all-in-one solution for you.

                 You may Start with as low as 200$. Choose from Various Initial deposit requirements of each Signals and accordingly subscribe to it. I assure you that, all signal price will never move above 25$ at any time.

All signals work on the assumption that each subscriber's investment is 200$. I can gurantee that you earn atleast more than the subscription Fee Every month !

                                        Watch out my real performance of my Signals !

Subscribe and you will not be disappointed !

You wont get such a better deal anywhere else and I personally guarantee it for you. And I have kept the price very low as an introductory offer and it will remain the same forever for sure !

Let your Account Grow along with my Account 

                                     Its now your Turn to decide it upon ! Wish Good Luck !

Disclaimer : Forex Market is a Risky Market where you may lose all your investment at once. Invest the money that you afford to lose.